When it’s done right a sales job can be one of the most personally and financially rewarding careers.  We work with some of the top companies to help them identify, recruit and place high performing sales people in sales jobs that are a perfect fit for the skills and talents they possess.  If you are someone that has already proven themselves in sales and are looking for the next step, we should talk.

We understand that a “perfect fit” sales job is more than just compensation, although that’s certainly important! The perfect sales job also needs to provide a good match with the type of lifestyle that you are seeking.  Some don’t mind being a Sales Road Warrior and earning the high pay that comes with this choice.  Other sales people value the opportunity to be home on a regular basis with their family. We also know that some love to hunt for new sales, while others are best at a blend of growing existing accounts while expanding the sales territory.  If you are a fit for the kind of work we do, we’ll help match you to the sales job that most closely gives you what you value personally while leveraging your unique sales skills in an environment that allows you to excel in selling at the highest level.

How does our recruiting process work?

The process is free to qualified sales job candidates.  To understand if you are qualified to be accepted into our program, simply click the “Let’s get started” button below.  Once we have your name and email we’ll send you information on our initial screening process.

Here is what you can expect if you are accepted:

We will help you identify where you currently are in terms of selling skills, experience, and income and how this compares to people in similar sales roles.  We will also help you to identify where your selling strengths might be best utilized in a variety of industries and selling roles.  We’ll help you complete a robust hiring profile, help you understand what level of compensation you should be targeting, and make appropriate introductions to companies that we know you can have success selling for based on your current skill level.

You might be surprised, that some of our candidates who are top sales talent in one industry and who’ve hit the ceiling in terms of compensation discover that they can transfer these selling skills to a different industry and double their earning potential.  In some cases, we’ve helped sales people transition into a sales management role and some sales managers transition into the role of CEO.  We know what it takes to grow your career.

You can also expect that we’ll point out any weaknesses we see in your sales ability and your job history.  Our goal is to place the best candidates and we know that super star sales people are always open to hearing the truth and challenging themselves to be better.  Please don’t get started with us if this doesn’t describe you. 

We do the work up front to make sure you have the best opportunity to utilize your sales talents.  The companies that trust us to fill their open sales jobs expect that they’ll get the best.  In fact, we promise that anyone we recommend to a company for hire will outperform their current sales people or we’ll replace the person on our dime.  We don’t like to do work twice…so you can be certain we’ll only place you if we are 100% certain there is a good fit for you and the company.

What types of roles do we fill and what types of compensation are common?

We traditionally work with companies involved in more complex selling where they are not a commodity and they are not the lowest price solution.  We chose these types of companies because their success depends on talented sales people.  Our successfully placed candidates on average earn between $75,000 and $325,000 per year plus benefits.

How do you get accepted into our elite sales recruiting and placement program?

Hit the “let’s get started” button below.  You’ll receive an email link that will ask you for some information about your selling history.  You will also complete a short- automated video interview.  This is phase one.  This information will be reviewed by our sales experts and if you seem like a fit you’ll be advanced to phase two.  If you are not accepted we’ll also let you know as we respect your time and energy spent applying.  We have a 100% response rate to candidates. We’ll also tell you why as we know you want to get better.

Phase two involves a live video interview, online psychometric assessments, and screenings to understand your sales strengths and how they will best pair with the responsibilities of different sales roles.  We’ll also verify any claims of sales success and earnings in a way that respects your need for privacy. If you are successful in this phase you will be assigned a placement agent that will work with you to pair you with the best fit sales job.  This placement agent will coordinate introductions with companies that are hiring today.

If you are ready to take your sales career to the next level then click below.  We’ll see you on the inside.  All inquiries are 100% confidential.

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