If you’ve ever been on the inside of a top-performing sales team, you know that it can look like magic to an outsider.  The revenue piles up, in what seems like an effortless process. Vendors, suppliers, marketing, prospects, customers, management and the sales team are entwined in an elegant dance, the result of which is revenue.  The truth is, it only looks magical.  It is the result of a carefully orchestrated plan.

How is your plan working out? Are you operating at the very top or is more possible? Have you settled for mediocre? Have you bought into the belief that your team is already accomplishing everything they can?  Or do you know that more is possible?

In addition to growing my own companies and sales teams, I’ve had the privilege of seeing up-close-and-personal the insides of hundreds of companies, and as a result, can give you an unbiased understanding of what might yet be possible for your company. I’ve ridden shotgun on over 2500 sales calls in the field, and as a result, can tell you what selling excellence looks like or where improvements can have a dramatic impact.  I work with companies that are already great and want to become better.

I’ve written the book on Sales management and coined the term “The Sales Boss” to capture the essence of what it takes to build and sustain a winning sales team.

Why does this matter to you?

Because you are smart, and if the problems were easy you’d have already solved them.  I’m not any smarter but I’ve been able to study what works across hundreds of  companies and industries and can help you consider options you may not have known you have. Options that will increase your level of success.

You’ve worked hard and developed a great product, company, and sales organization but you wonder what could be improved.

Let’s have a talk. We develop hand-crafted sales strategies that will allow your team to outsell the competition. I work with companies on every aspect that impacts sales, with one goal: To substantially increase your revenue and the ease with which you earn it.

Nothing happens until somebody sells something.

No kids get sent to college, no homes get bought, no vacations taken and no diseases get cured until someone sells something.  It’s an honor to be in sales.  When you are doing it right and winning almost no other feeling compares.  When you or your team is struggling, almost no other feeling can weigh you down as much.  Let’s see if there is work to do together.

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